Steorn PowerCube 2015 – Product Field Test

Field Test of Orbo  Charging SmartPhones

Please bear in mind that this is not a proper demo, or a technical evaluation, just a field test in the pub. You can just see the battery indicator spring into life, changing from a solid block to the lighting symbol as the guy in the video zooms in on the screen. The video is from a mobile phone and it is not expected to be professional quality.

No-one is pretending that this is in any way a credible test or scientific However, it is the very first time a commercial overunity device made for the home market has ever been shown in action.

The Orbo ‘PowerCube’ is an overunity USB charger for charging your electrical devices such as mobile phones and laptops which has no conventional means of power.

Steorn 2014 – Have They Finally Perfected Orbo

After nearly 5 years of silence it looks like Steorn are set to return.  This video was published on Friday 7th March on Facebook and shows what appears to be a permanent magnet motor version of Orbo.

eOrbo Promotional Launch Video – Dec 2009

“If you were to look at the system from an overall thermodynamic standpoint, not only are we producing work done by the rotor, and electrical energy out, virtually all of the electrical energy that’s input into the system is actually dissipated as heat which is also an output via a process called joule heating, so all the colis are actually generating heat – so the overall thermodynamic efficiency of a system like this will probably be in 3:1 ratio.”


Orbo Technology Promo -

Steorn’s very clever 2009 TV advert poking fun at themselves and their detractors in the process. The advert only aired twice on the Al-Jazeera tv network as the mainstream commercial stations would not broadcast it.