Steorn have impressed yet again with their packaging design for the new Orbo O-Cube as new photos revealed by CEO Shaun McCarth show a sleek black and red presentation box.

The Black Box


(Ignoring the very bad 70′s tablecloth it’s sitting on) The ORBO O-Cube comes in what looks like a matt black presentation box with the alien logo on the front and ORBO in neat white lettering up the side. Opening the front flap of the box reveals the O-Cube recessed neatly within a bright red backing. A red strap on the front lid adds a touch of finesse.

The O-Cube itself is solid state and is nested very well and securely in it’s packaging and this has got to be an advantage to transporting it safely through the post.


Collectors Item


It extremely well designed packaging that packs a real visual punch which is what you’d expect for an item of this technological significance and price tag.  The O-Cubes that make their way to the public should become extremely sought after collectors items in time and the super cool box only adds to the value of ownership.

Not to mention the fact that the O-Cube is part of a very limited production run which further enhances it’s value as real collector’s item of as yet unrealized historical significance.




There is no official word from Steorn on estimated delivery times yet, but they have recently indicated the first orders for the O-Cube should arrive in time for Christmas.


How To Buy


Steorn have previously said that the Orbo O-Cube will only be available for purchase directly from them. Exact details on how to purchase the O-Cube will be given at the Upcoming Webinar on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 at 19:00 GMT. Register here for the FREE webinar.

Alien Logo on the front of Steorn’s ORBO O-Cube packaging.
Cool packaging. Ignore the tablecloth.