So if you are going to start the next big revolution in energy technology, where in the world would you choose? Bizarrely,  If you said “The Pub” then you’d be correct. Slattery’s Pub in Grand Canal St, Dublin to be exact.

  • Contains A Never-Die Battery That Is Constantly Being Recharged By A Magnet Motor
  • Has Been Successfully Charging Customers Phones All Weekend
  • Has One USB slot and Measures approx 9 x 9 x 4 cm
  • Device is activated by ‘tapping’ it.
  • Does not appear to make any discernible sound.

As I have mentioned many times previously, Irish technology firm Steorn are a very unconventional company in their approach to say the least.

This photo below is Slattery’s pub, situated at 62 Grand Canal St, Dublin, Ireland. The local pub of Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy. Yesterday was no exception in terms of their unconventional approach – choosing to conduct a world-first field-test of what hails to be a paradigm-shifting technology in a Dublin pub (as you do).

Note: It should be pointed out however, that this is in no way an official demo or launch, merely a field-test of the capabilities of the device.


Slattery’s pub have had the device since Friday night and immediately placed it behind the bar on a shelf in it’s ‘nest’ so to speak. All weekend the Orbo PowerCube has been successfully charging customers and bar staff smart phones. HTC’s Samsungs, iPhones and everything in-between.


Here’s a recap on how the weekend’s events unfolded…


Slattery's Pub in Dublin.

Slattery’s Pub in Dublin.

ORBO 'PowerCube'

ORBO ‘PowerCube’


The Steorn ORBO USB PowerCube. Never-Die Battery

The Steorn ORBO USB PowerCube. Never-Die Battery


Slattery’s Pub (below) first post on their Facebook page alerting customers to the fact it would be available for charging phones and laptops.


Saturday May 9th

slats-may-9th slats-may9th-3


ORBO 'PowerCube' sits proudly behind the bar at Slattery's.

ORBO ‘PowerCube’ sits proudly behind the bar at Slattery’s.

Saturday 9th May – A test unit of the ORBO ‘PowerCube’ is dropped off at Slattery’s and the bar staff make it a ‘nest’ behind the bar, ready to charge customer’s smartphones.

“The nest is ready for ‪#‎ORBO‬… due into us this evening. See your phone or tablet recharge in front of your eyes. The #ORBO is a world 1st. A perpetual motion machine which creates energy… yes creates energy. It will recharge phones but never itself need to be recharged.
Best way to explain how it works is to think of your car battery. It is continually recharged by the motor… the motor needs external fuel source…#ORBO doesn’t.” – SLATTERY’S

slats-may-9th-3 slats-may-9th-5 slats-may-9th-6


Sunday May 10th

slats-may-10th slats-may-10th-2


Monday May 11th

slats-may-11th slats-may-12th

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