Steorn have announced a series of LIVE online product demonstrations and interactive webinars introducing their free energy technology – The Orbo PowerCube.


Free Energy Product Webinars


On Wednesday 28th October 2015, Irish technology and development company ‘Steorn’ will begin a series of LIVE online webinars showcasing the world’s first commercially available free energy technology  – The Orbo “Powercube”.


During the webinars Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy will talk about Orbo, demo the Orbo Powercube technology, answer questions and you will get a first look at the Orbo Powercube. The various components of the Powercube will be shown and how they work together will be explained. There is also a possibility at this stage that the Powercube will be offered for sale at some point during the webinars.


The first Introductory Powercube Webinar will take place on Wednesday, 28th October 2015 @ 7pm GMT (London Time).


To register for the introductory webinar please visit this link


 “Steorn’s discovery will fundamentally change the way we think about energy and is an important stepping stone in the evolution of our technological progress as a species. A new revolution in energy starts here.” – Craig Brown, Editor,


“You put this in your product and you never have to recharge it. A ballsy statement, I know”. – Steorn CEO, Shaun McCarthy

steorn orbo powercube

Exterior designs of the Steorn Orbo Powercube


What Is The PowerCube?


The Orbo PowerCube is a small cube shaped device which (based on the test version) appears to have a single USB port.  What’s so good about that you ask? Well, you can plug your phone or electronic device in there and charge it, FREE, FOREVER! Literally forever.


Physics-Bursting Free Energy


The PowerCube does not need to be plugged in EVER, does not run off batteries and as of yet there is no known conventional source for the energy it can provide. Dark Energy, Zero-Point Energy, (Insert theoretical physics guess here). I’m imagining a lot of people will be cleaning sprayed coffee from their screen at this moment, but push past your pre-conceived notions for a moment like someone hearing about the first manned flight for the first time. This is a new era and it requires you to put aside everything you’ve ever learned about the Second ‘Law’ of Thermodynamics.