Steorn OPhone Update – Despite the predictability of the ignorance by the mainstream press, It’s been a remarkable couple of weeks in the world of free energy. Steorn have quietly re-emerged onto the public stage with not one but two utterly Impossible products for sale and others in the pipeline all based on their Orbo ‘Never-Die’ battery technology.


Orbo OCube

The first product being their USB Charging Station – the PowerCube; and yes, you’re not going mad, it’s not a cube either. The PowerCube DID actually start life as a cube, but through the magic of marketing gurus, evolved into a red faced angry monkey / alien / robot thingy. It’s a love it or hate it design, but undeniably unique.

steorn orbo o-cube overunity

Steorn’s O-Cube Overunity Technology

Understandably, the biggest sticking point for most people when it comes to the PowerCube is the price. At €1200 (euros) it’s a great deal more expensive than your average charger, but then again, the PowerCube is no average charger. Less than 50,000 are expected to be made, so it may just be a purchase for those of us wanting to own a piece of history, like the first Apple computer; A memento of how the way we once viewed energy changed almost overnight.



As far as the mass consumer appeal goes the PowerCube can’t even come close to Steorn’s latest product – the OPhone. It’s a gorgeous throw-back brick like retro-styled black and red phone with basic call functionality, and although it lacks the fancy touch-screen and apps of the smartphones on the market it has one very enviable and important unique selling point. It NEVER needs to be charged. Not ever. Can your iPhone do that?



Steorn’s Orbo OPhone which Never Needs Charging. Ever.

At the time of writing, much of Steorn’s current marketing for the OPhone seems to be focused on middle-eastern markets. This is evidenced both by the comments on their Facebook page and the Google searches for “Orbo oPhone” and ‘cost of oPhone’ originating mainly from India, Pakistan, Oman, Egypt, UAE and more recently Mexico of all places.


 Steorn Webstore

Steorn are set to open up a web-store on Wednesday which should make it quicker and easier for customers to make payment. In the meantime it seems that wire transfer is their preferred method for payment. Some of our readers have recently placed orders and they had this to say regarding their recent orders for the OCube.


‘I received my invoice on the 11th. I initiated a wire transfer today, being the only payment option they gave me. It was 60 euros for shipping. $1426.63 total with bank fee. It feels surreal though, like more of a vote than a purchase, electing to see the beginning of the end of control via artificial scarcity and suppression of scientific breakthrough. Once it is my hands and tested, I will post a video review with more of my thoughts.’ – Michael Waskosky


‘Received invoice yesterday. estimated shpping date for orbo 24.1.2016′ – Jukka Lantta


Delivery Dates & Product Reviews


Steorn seem to have been more than impressed with the volume of orders received to date, and as far as we can tell the first shipments of oCubes/ oPhones will arrive with consumers sometime in January. Soon after we can expect to see reviews of these appearing in blogs and online tech mags, although somewhat predictably I expect the focus will not be centred on the features (or lack thereof)but rather the lack of charging, and with it, the growing realisation that you REALLY DON’T ever have to charge these products.


Orbo OCubes being Produced

And if we dare take this realisation to the next level – there will be a supreme moment of clarity for people who will, after a week or so, be wondering where the heck the energy is coming from! And after it’s established that something extremely odd is happening then it’s over to the scientists, because not even Steorn themselves know for sure where the energy is coming from.


So will this bizarre and wondrous piece of tech disrupt the space-time continuum? Certainly not. And do you have anything to fear by buying one? To quote the great Terrence McKenna – ‘Not unless you fear death by astonishment’.