The first Live Steorn Webinar will begin in a few hours. The series of Live Orbo Webinars will feature pre-recorded footage, live demos of their O-Cube and the company will also field questions from the audience

O-Cube Price

Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy confirmed earlier today that they plan on releasing the price for the O-Cube tomorrow. This came after a question posed by a visitor to their Facebook Page

“Best word of mouth advertising.What will be the unit price? I know the lads on construction sites would find this handy not to mention boaters etc, etc, etc.” – Paul

‘Hi Paul, we will be releasing details regarding pricing etc during tomorrows webinar. If you can’t get a chance to see it we will be posting the video on our facebook page the day after.’ – Steorn

Despite the fact this device is theoretically priceless in that it supposedly defies the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics you would think they charge a king’s ransom for one, however this is not the idea at all.  As this is essentially a USB charging station and basically a consumer electronics item I can’t imagine it being out of reach of the pockets of normal members of the general public.


Orbo o-Cube Charging a Phone