OGIRL aka model ‘Rachel Wallace’ has posted the first of her weekly video diaries on using the ORBO OPhone

The video, posted on the ORBO Facebook Page features OGirl holding her OPhone and saying that she has finally gotten her OPhone, that she will be posting weekly diaries on how the ‘never-die phone’ is going. She says it has  helped her in a couple of situations already.

What is interesting here is what is not being said. There seems to have been a shift of focus for Steorn onto the OPhone, and this would seem to be in line with the levels of interest around this retro phone. Despite it’s price tag and simple analog function, it has garnered massive amounts of interest, especially from the Middle East. Mexico, Egypt and other countries.

There are many people who would value a never-die battery as a premium feature, and let’s not forget here that NO OTHER PHONE on the market can boast this ability.  There are many situations and consumer driven scenarios where having a self-powered phone that never dies is so much more valuable than having a multitude of features and a drained battery.

It will be very interesting to hear OGirl’s weekly progress with the OPhone. Stay tuned.


OGirl in one of the promotional shots featuring the OCube.