Steorn have posted a new user testimonial on their ORBO Facebook Page. Jennifer Roe is the bar manager at a tapas place in Dublin – she has been given an OPhone to field-test over the coming weeks.


She says “Being a manager, I am constantly on my phone all day throughout my shift, and my current smartphone is just not able to keep up with me”. She goes on to say that she is constantly charging her smartphone with the cable”



Ophone Hasn’t Lost Any Bars of Battery Usage

“I heard about the new OPhone and the how long the battery life is in it – and you never have to plug it in to recharge it. When the battery goes, it takes about two hours or so and it recharges itself and it’s good to go for however long it lasts. Ive only got the phone today so I have however, made calls and texts all day all through my shift and as you can see here I haven’t lost one bar of battery.”


“Just to prove that I haven’t recharged it, because it’s not actually possible, or haven’t plugged it in..there is nowhere on the phone for me to plug it in and recharge it.”


No visible means of charging the Ophone.

“I’m going to be giving weekly updates on how I get on with this..If there’s any drops in performance…if it breaks…if it’s fantastic, you guys are going to be the first to know. It’s all going to be posted to the Steorn page, and like I say, I’m going to be giving updates probably every couple of days.”