The last we heard from Steorn was that they had some issues with a controller board used in the OCube and OPhone which was resulting in an issue with overcharging. They comitted themselves to fixing the overcharging issue and then test the new component/s before resuming shipping of the OCubes and OPhones.


A number of weeks have passed since the issue was first encountered, and then a couple of weeks ago  Steorn said that they were working on a video along the lines of “streaming final tests’.  Today they posted a link to a live streaming webcam of their ORBO power cell being continually shorted and recharged. They also just added a small motor to prove that work is being done.  Although videos are never proof in their own right, by live-streaming this demonstration it goes a long way to proving the basic concept and hopefully this is a sign that the previous issue has been overcome.


Hardened sceptics will of course try and pick fault with the video, only to find that the rolling time and date is constantly displayed on the oscilloscope screen.


This is how Steorn announced the latest video which is posted On their Facebook page:


‘This video stream shows an ORBO Power Cell in long-term reliability testing.’

‘The test system comprises of an Orbo Power Cell that is being shorted through a relay at an approximate frequency of 50Hz ( 50 times a second ). The trace on the scope is the Orbo Power Cell voltage. The cell is being shorted and is recharging approximately 4.3 million times per day. Prior to the live stream commencing on 12th May 2016 the cell shown had been shorted and recharged in excess of 350 million times.’

Steorn later added: ‘We have added a small test motor to the live stream, this is a prototype and has only been in lab test for a week or so. Hence there may be a few teething problems, all of which you will get to see live on this channel!’

The LIVE STREAM can be found at the following url or you can view the embedded stream below.


Close-up of scope showing screen with time and date.

Close-up of scope showing screen with time and date.