Today, Steorn held the second in it’s series of LIVE webinars.  Although the webinar was short and sweet (approx 20 minutes) – Steorn have officially started taking orders for the oCube (a USB Charging Station) and the oPhone (a cellphone that NEVER needs charged).



The New ORBO oPhone = NEVER Needs to be recharged. Ever.


The oPhone is a simple retro-design phone, but with one huge advantage over any other product in the marketplace. It never needs charging. Ever.  Steorn today revealed that the oPhone is priced at €480 (Euros) and will be ready for shipping during the first quarter of 2016.



The oCube is a single slot USB charger outputting 2.1 amps.  It can charge one Tablet device, or 2-3 smartphone charges per day. Orders are being taken as of today. The email address given by Steorn for ordering is The oCube orders will start shipping in approximately 6 weeks time.



The OCUBE can perform one Tablet or 2-3 Smartphone charges per day.


The OCUBE has a Never-Die Battery.

Game Controllers

As well as the oPhone and oCube, Steorn also announced two more products which will be going to market in 2016. An ORBO powered Game Controller for the XBox and Playstation and an e-cigarette vaping pen that never needs recharging.